i wrote some words today
some stupid hollow words
and i laughed at them
standing in the wind, smoking.

i wrote them in typical ross fashion
like this
and as the sun dropped and kept on dropping
i thought to myself how alone humanity is in the universe, and how i should quit my job and lay down on the tracks again

a cat, however, hooked my jeans with a tiny claw and mewed inquisitively.

so i tried the words again
they didn’t come out right
i’m breaking on the inside,
i can feel the plates separating
drifting off like errant continents
the end of a world indeed

i have a lot of words
and every one i have is for you
i just need to put them together right
get the right ones where they belong
maybe then i would be okay
maybe then it would all make sense
maybe then you’d love me
as i love you
and we wouldn’t be as sad anymore

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Rightrightright, Mr. Deltoid.

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when you see bae is talking to someone hotter than you image


current emotion: any picture of spike the dinosaur from land before time




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